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Fixed Price Natural Gas Supply Option

In May of 2016, Monkey Island LNG signed a natural gas supply commitment agreement for a 20-year fixed-price natural gas supply with a prominent U.S. upstream gas supplier. This upstream provider has been developing these resources for over 12 years and has been producing natural gas from its wells since 2007. This agreement provides Monkey Island LNG with a long-term strategic and competitive advantage.


Monkey Island LNG is poised to be one of the only LNG companies in the world with the ability to offer customers a true 20-year fixed price on their LNG. This unique commercial structure is attracting global buyers who seek a predictable and stable LNG price structure over the next two decades. It has also drawn significant attention from the LNG community who recognizes the value in offering buyers this innovative and disruptive pricing structure in addition to Henry Hub index-based LNG.

“Together with our upstream supplier, we have essentially created a 27-year hedge on natural gas for our customers, and the LNG offtake community is responding positively."

Greg Michaels – Chairman and CEO

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