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Surging LNG Demand

LNG demand is forecasted to outpace LNG supply between 2021-2022. Oil and gas majors, including Exxon, Shell, BP, along with LNG expert, Wood Mackenzie, anticipate demand for LNG to continue to surge, surpassing available LNG supply.


The United States is the #1 producer of natural gas. U.S. LNG export projects are able to leverage the U.S. natural gas production, extensive pipeline networks, and experienced EPC contractors to supply LNG cheaper and quicker than any other country.

“The outlook for LNG demand is set to grow at twice the rate of gas demand, at 4 to 5% a year between 2015 and 2030.”
Royal Dutch Shell 2017 LNG Outlook

Source:  Royal Dutch Shell plc Shell LNG Outlook 2017

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