Full Community Support

“Rather than a NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) project, I was greeted with signs from project supporters, including those who will enjoy 

high-paying jobs during

site-preparation, construction and commercial operations.”

Greg Michaels - Chairman and CEO

Pictured from left to right: Clair Hebert Marceaux (PCED), Port Director, Cameron Parish Port, Harbor & Terminal District, Greg Michaels, CEO of Monkey Island LNG, and Ryan Bourriaque, Parish Administrator of the Cameron Parish Police Jury.

Louisiana is the energy gateway to numerous oil and gas facilities, and its population welcomes oil and gas developments. The local government of Cameron Parish (Cameron Parish Police Jury) and its residents strongly support the Monkey Island LNG project. Richard Ieyoub, popular former Attorney General for Louisiana who was elected by more votes than any other Attorney General in history, sits on the Board of Directors for Monkey Island LNG. Mr. Ieyoub currently serves as the Commissioner of Conservation and is a direct appointee for Louisiana’s Governor, John Bel Edwards.

​The Monkey Island LNG project will have significant benefits for the Louisiana and U.S. economy. It is expected to bring millions of dollars in tax revenues to the local, state, and federal government. It will support over 24,000 jobs nationwide, create more than 2,000 direct construction jobs, and provide more than 200 high paying permanent local jobs while contributing to the energy security of the U.S. 


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