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Minimal Dredging Required

Monkey Island offers outstanding logistical attributes for an LNG export project. The project site is strategically located on the Calcasieu Ship Channel and has 4,000 feet of water access on both the west and north side of the island. Due to the natural current of the Calcasieu Ship Channel, the water depth around the project site is up to 69’ deep with no annual dredging required. 

Project Site Key Features: 

  • 4,000-ft. (1,200 m) deep river frontage on the ship channel;

  • 4,000-ft. (1,200 m) riverfront access on the side channel or Cameron Loop;

  • 69-ft. (21 m) water depth directly in front of the project site; and

  • 1,000-ft. (300 m) river width directly in front of the project site.



Monkey Island LNG 246-acre project site

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